Infinity Beauty Non-Surgical Butt Lift Services Agreement

Updated: 5/2020

The Non-surgical Butt lift at Infinity Beauty is done by using Vacuum-therapy (which may involve Cupping Suction). Vacuum Therapy stimulates muscles, breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, removing toxins, and improving lymphatic drainage. This therapy is painless, safe and highly effective. This treatment is temporary and last 1-3 weeks on average. Results may vary depending on the individula. For long-lasting results, it is best to maintain your non-surgical butt lift with squats and routing excercise. Vacuum-therapy, thru the combination of its different action mechanisms, well as stimulating the blood, performs lymphatic drainage, which means a direct stimulation to the fibroblast as well as an increment in collagen elastin and reticuline production, improving the texture and tone of the treated zone.

This treatment is mainly used for:

Raises, enlarges and reaffirms the gluteus without surgeries
Increases the skin flexibility
Releases the venous and lymphatic flow
Exfoliates the epidermis making skin softer
Stimulates dermis and hypodermis
Decreases muscle tension
Results may vary

Potential reactions to The techniques used during the Non-Surgical Butt Lift are temporary and may include:
o Skin discoloration (has bruise-like/ reddish appearance) due to cupping and vacuum therapy.
o Post tenderness: usually less than experienced from deep tissue work and suction cups.
o Redness and Itching: increased vaso-dilation and/or inflammation brought to the surface
o Decreased Blood Pressure: due to vaso-dilation and/or nervous system sedation
Suggested before/after care recommendations:
 Drink plenty of water to encourage blood flow and circulation.
 Avoid showers, steam, sauna and exercise immediately following this treatment.
 Light stretching and range of motion exercises are beneficial.
 Exercise the next day will help increase circulation to aid in fading of cup kisses.

 Routine exercise (Squats, gluteal workouts) will help to maintain the results of this treatment.
People who are on blood thinners should not receive this treatment. If you start taking such medication please inform the beauty consultant prior to the start of service. If you are under the care of an acupuncturist, Cupping could potentially interfere with acupuncture treatments, and should be avoided.
By choosing to experience this treatment, I understand the effects and after-care recommendations. It has been explained to me that there is the possibility of a temporary skin discoloration or “cup kiss”, appearing as tissue is released. I am aware that a “cup kiss” has a bruise-like appearance and I understand that it usually dissipates within a few hours to a few days depending on the individual.
I understand that all treatments by the Beauty Consultants at this boutique are for relaxation. They are not intended to treat any pre-exisiting health conditions. I agree to notify the beauty consultant if I experience any physical discomfort experienced during the session. I have stated all relevant physical conditions, and will consult with my physician prior to receiving this treatment as needed since Infinity Beauty is not a health care provider.